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Construction surveying

Are you a landowner or the head of a ministry, municipality, financial institution, real estate agent, or construction contractor and you need a construction surveying service?

At Legault Trudeau we have been at your service for more than 40 years. As each project is unique, we take care to adapt our practices to your needs, always with the rigor and precision that characterize us.

The Land Surveyor is a leading manager and advisor who can assist you with the design of a subdivision plan or implantation project.

Whether it is to validate the work done on your site or to ensure compliance with established standards, at Legault Trudeau, we put at your disposal our cutting edge of technology equipment and our expertise for the success of your projects.

The flexibility and expertise of our team of professionals allow us to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs in the construction industry. For a dynamic partnership that guarantees your satisfaction and offers you the best in the field; Legault Trudeau is the solution!

Offered Services:

  • Implantation of buildings, axes, columns and various structures
  • Medium and high precision leveling
  • Topographic, planimetric and altimetric surveys
  • Geodetic control networks
  • Subdivision or implantation project plan
  • As built and construction supervision survey
  • Survey and positioning by GPS method
  • Hydrography
  • Volumetric analysis

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