Land surveying experts

Land Survey: surveys, research and analysis

Land surveying includes all survey, research and analysis operations relating to the determination, demarcation and calculation of the boundaries and sizes of private or public land ownership carried out under the immediate supervision of a land surveyor.

At Legault Trudeau, we offer a wide range of land surveying services. Certificate of location, staking, implantation, cadastral operation, condominium, technical description, demarcation and more.

If you want to sell or buy a house, a condo, a commercial or industrial building, you will certainly need a certificate of location, mandatory during a real estate transaction, to inform you about the current situation and legal condition of the property.

If you are in dispute with your neighbor and you need to irrevocably establish your property line, we can help you. Request a demarcation operation to clarify the situation.

Do you need a technical description to explicitly define and visualize the parcel of land being subject to specified right? Do business with a professional team to avoid any complications.

As public officer, the land surveyor can serve as expert in various fields such as: land surveying, photogrammetry, topometry, hydrography, etc.

Use a team of experts attentive to your needs for a job well done that meets the standards of the field.

Offered Services:

  • Certificate of Location
  • Staking
  • Implantation
  • Cadastral operation
  • Condominium
  • Technical Description
  • Demarcation
  • Measurement of rental space
  • Plan and expert report
  • Land parcel plan pursuant to acquisition or expropriation
  • Administrative cadastre
  • Property delimitation
  • Water environment delimitation
  • Identification of flood zones

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