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Real estate project management: action plans adapted to your needs

You have a large land parcel and a plan for its development? If you want to start a real estate project of small or large scale, our team of land surveyors who have worked on several home development projects can help you assess the risk level of your project.

Whether for a comparative study, to evaluate costs versus profits or for development projects, let our team of land surveyors help you in the selection of your development site. We will do the necessary research on titles and easements that could affect your site.

Our mission is to assist you in your dealings with municipalities, MRCs and even the CPTAQ. Whatever your problem, we will support and guide you towards an effective solution. Our team of experienced land surveyors will help you manage your project. We have completed a multitude of projects requiring the intervention of various levels of government. We will know who to contact to help you develop your project.

At Legault Trudeau, we have the necessary qualifications to carry out research and prepare a complete dossier that will help in your decision-making. Site Selection Study, BOMA Measurement, Licensing,Development Plan, Research and Market Study; our field of expertise is vast and we have the means to propose solutions and submit action plans adapted to your needs according to your requirements.

Offered Services:

  • Comparative study, cost versus benefits, for development projects
  • Site Selection Study
  • Measurement according to the BOMA standard
  • Licensing
  • Development plan
  • Steer dossiers, rezoning and negotiations with municipalities, MRC and CPTAQ
  • Steer dossiers for the licensing of real estate projects
  • Research and market studies

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