Land division or assembly

If the goal is to use your property in two or more independent lots (also called subdivision) or to take two independent land parcels to form one (also called land assembly), then you will need a cadastral operation.lan

The cadastral operation

In this operation, both the municipality and Ministry of Natural Resources, Cadastre Division, are approached.The work of the land surveyor in this operation is to ensure that the multiple regulations concerning the land division or assembly is respected. The cadastre number will be assigned for each new lot. The plan must then be presented to the municipality which will issue a subdivision permit and then to the Cadastre Service of the Ministry of Natural Resources who will make the cadastral modification.

In addition to the land subdivision and assembly operations, we can also proceed with the correction of the existing cadastre. Operations remain essentially the same as land subdivision or land assembly. However, contrary to the two other cadastral operations, the numbering of the cadastre does not change in most correction cases and the approval of the municipality is not always required.

It is recommended to consult a land surveyor with the specifics of your project, so that he can inform you of the costs that such a modification could generate (fees, license fees, park fees, cadastral fees etc.)

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