To know a property’s limits


You want to avoid disputes when laying a fence, hedge or low wall? Staking is the set of operations carried out by the land surveyor to indicate, by means of markers, his opinion on the limits of a lot. This operation helps to visualize the property’s limits on the premises. It is valid for the sole benefit of the person who requested a staking.

Staking operations are governed by the Standards of Practice Regulation on staking and siting of the Quebec Land Surveyors Order (L.R.Q., c.A-23, r.11).

It is important to know that under art. 54 of the Land Surveyors Act and art. 188 of the Professional Code: “Anyone who voluntarily and illegally erases, disturbs or moves a survey marker, a geodetic monument, a post, a landmark or any other mark, placed or implanted by a land surveyor in the performance of his duties, commits an offense and is liable to the penalties provided for in section 188 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26). “. Sanctions ranging from $2,500 to $62,500 have already been imposed.

The Demarcation

Are you in dispute with your neighbor? The property’s limit separating you is uncertain? Do you need to irrevocably establish your property’s limit? Unlike staking which only concerns you, demarcation involves the neighboring owners. It can be amicable when the neighboring owners manage to agree on the position of the common line, otherwise it becomes judicial.

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