To obtain an easement

Whether for the creation or modification of a right of way easement, tolerance of encroachment or other, the technical description will be the appropriate document to begin the process. The following must be done with the parties concerned and may require the involvement of a notary.

The technical description

As its name indicates, the technical description describes the limits of a parcel of land to be subject to special rights. Examples include boundaries, administrative borders, easements, agricultural zoning boundaries, pre-existing real estate agreements, and so on.

The technical description contains a plan showing the said parcel and a report. The report describes each straight line that limits the land parcel by its length and direction, and indicates the metes (neighboring land in the sense of the width) and bounds (neighboring lands in the direction of the length). Also included the surface area. The plan graphically illustrates (because it is more visual) the information contained in the report.

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